My name is Petr Kuhn and paragliding is my lifelong passion. I have faced, first-hand, all the extremes experienced by the paraglider more times than anyone can count. I know too well that you cannot make it without quality clothing. However, how to do it without sweating when you hike up a hill? And without freezing, when you are just going to fly off or you have been already flying in the icy air? How to avoid thermal shocks and fatigue so that you could enjoy paragliding fully and safely?


These are the very questions that a group of skilled colleagues and I have decided to resolve. It required a lot of time and efforts, but it paid off. It resulted in the highly functional underwear – the Flyskin system. Thanks to the sophisticated and tested solutions, it will keep your body at the ideal temperature during all phases of paragliding – hiking, preparation and flight. It dries up extremely quickly. Furthermore, our thermal underwear is highly durable because we focused on the most stressed places while designing it. We chose a combination of proven materials that demonstrably achieve top values of the required properties. We have also developed own unique materials because none were available in the market with the required parameters. Thanks to them, we could meet our demanding requirements.


We wish you a good flight with our products.

Petr Kuhn